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Enhanced sustainable green revolution yield via nitrogen-responsive chromatin modulation in rice

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Science  07 Feb 2020:
Vol. 367, Issue 6478, eaaz2046
DOI: 10.1126/science.aaz2046

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vol. 367 no. 6478

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  • Received for publication August 20, 2019
  • Accepted for publication December 18, 2019
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Author Information

  1. Kun Wu1,*,
  2. Shuansuo Wang1,*,
  3. Wenzhen Song1,2,
  4. Jianqing Zhang1,2,
  5. Yun Wang1,2,
  6. Qian Liu1,
  7. Jianping Yu1,
  8. Yafeng Ye1,3,
  9. Shan Li1,2,
  10. Jianfeng Chen1,2,
  11. Ying Zhao1,2,
  12. Jing Wang1,2,
  13. Xiaokang Wu1,2,
  14. Meiyue Wang4,
  15. Yijing Zhang4,
  16. Binmei Liu3,
  17. Yuejin Wu3,
  18. Nicholas P. Harberd5,,
  19. Xiangdong Fu1,2,
  1. 1State Key Laboratory of Plant Cell and Chromosome Engineering, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Innovation Academy for Seed Design, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China.
  2. 2College of Life Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China.
  3. 3Key Laboratory of High Magnetic Field and Ion Beam Physical Biology, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, Anhui 230031, China.
  4. 4National Key Laboratory of Plant Molecular Genetics, CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200032, China.
  5. 5Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3RB, UK.
  1. Corresponding author. Email: nicholas.harberd{at} (N.P.H.); xdfu{at} (X.F.)
  1. * These authors contributed equally to this work.


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