Time to pull together

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Science  20 Mar 2020:
Vol. 367, Issue 6484, pp. 1282
DOI: 10.1126/science.abb7518

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  • RE:

    Dear Science Mag,

    In your article regarding the outbreak of coronavirus you made several points. Regarding the safety of the people and (most importantly) scientists. While agreeing with what you’re saying I can’t help but to ask what about the ordinary citizens that aren’t scientists. You believe scientists should have these guaranteed perks and ordinary citizens just linger as if their life hasn’t come to an abrupt halt as well. Undoubtedly, scientists are working very hard in those laboratories to see if we can end this global pandemic any quicker. I just cant help but think about the ordinary people like myself and my family who are kind of left in the dark with everything. The general population have no choice but to go with the flow of the government and that’s a bit nerve wrecking.

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  • RE:

    Langston Hughes High School
    (7510 Hall Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213)

    Dear local news publishers,

    My opinion on the article “Time To Pull It Together” is that it has a lot of very valid points and for the most part is correct in what it states. I think that in times like these maybe it will take society a while to recover and go back to what life was before this global pandemic. I think that this virus outbreak is a cause of small financial crisis and the source to a lot of social fears. For example, for a small period of time after the lifting of the quarantine, people will not have the same level of interaction with each other as they once did. People will remain more cautious as to how they interact with people.

    Like I said earlier, I also think this can be the cause to a small financial crisis. I think this because this virus is causing a lot of people to be forced to not go to work due to possibly spreading the virus. This can cause certain people with certain jobs to not obtain the effective amount of money to take care or support themselves and let alone a family. Although, this may be a very hard time in life for some people, I think the people who deserve the most recognition during all of this is the scientist who work to find a vaccine or cure for this virus and the doctors who are willing to support and help those infected with COVID-19. I think they are doing as much as they can and deserve the recognition to show them t...

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  • RE: Things will never be the same

    Dear Holden Thorp,

    I've been convince that things will never be the same. For example, people have poor hygiene and poor cleaning skills this can cause viruses to be at place for long periods of times which can causes the virus to spread even more. Some people don't understand social distancing either due to this the virus will spread even more a vaccine takes a while to be created maybe a year, a month, a day, a week during this time it could've have a greater impact to us. Once this pandemic ends things won't be the same.

    An author stated "In fiscal year 2015, military spending is projected to account for 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending, a total of $598.5 billion." but for medical research we spend $32.4 billion as you can see we were not ready for this virus.

    In conclusion, this virus will be very difficult to beat but if we work together we can accomplish anything. If we don't work together we're doom.
    Sincerely yours,
    Jose Meza

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  • RE:

    Date: 4/20/2020
    Langston Hughes High School
    7510 Hall Rd
    Fairburn, GA 30213

    Dear Science Magazine,

    In this article, several points were made that I think have crossed people’s minds over these last few months. For example, the school closings and how we are going to handle the current situation we are experiencing now. We lack answers.
    Firstly, I agree with the school closings. I believe that because some students may practice proper hygiene or good cleaning habits, the virus could easily be spread throughout the school. Students may catch the sickness at school and take it home to their family. They could also catch the sickness at home and bring it to school. Thus, increasing the spread.
    In conclusion, it is my hope that we find a cure for COVID-19. It is my hope that people will continue to practice good cleaning habits even after the corona virus has blown over. Will life as we knew it go back to normal? I honestly do not think so.
    Sincerely yours,
    Alaija King

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  • RE:

    Dear Author,
    In your article I believe that you did make valid points on the topic of Covid-19. The best way to overcome it is by staying together in this issue so that we can all beat it. By being able to work at home it is more safer for everyone and also it won't delay any scientist from finding a suitable medicine. Also, hospitals should take more precautions with patients to prevent anything worse from happening. I do agree with the stopping of the disease spreading by closing schools to stop it, but even though schools may been closed the disease could've still been spread and given to their families. Other than that concern your topics you discussed I agree with to help end this pandemic.

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  • RE:

    (April 16, 2020)
    Dear Author,
    It was stated in your article that certain things need to be focused on and I totally agree. Doctors and health officials that have been taken away from their families deserve any help they can get. Many people would be helping out by social distancing, staying inside and slowing the spread. There are many other issues in the world and we can not just take a pause on those issues and pretend they don't exist. Working from home is helping a lot with slowing the spread but; Not every job is a work from home job such as dentist, dermatologist, construction, etc. Employees would have to be furlough, only check their getting is an unemployment check and stimulus check.

    Other than that concern, I totally agree with your article and your point of view. People should stay home and stay safe. ~ Calise Solomon

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  • RE: I believe

    Dear, Aruthor
    You stated in your article that you believe that certain things need to be focused on like hospitals need to focus on working on patients more and other things need to be less forced in the hospital or like having people to work from home to help the labs have an easier time trying to cure the disease is brilliant.
    I in every way fully agree with you on your statements and your point of view. We should allow people to work from home. We should allow hospitals to focus more on trying to treat the patients affected by the deadly disease.

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  • RE:

    7510 Hall Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213

    Dear The American Association for the advancement of science, In this article you've touched on several points that clearly need to be addressed. As you went from, the schools closing and to how we're going to handle the current situation we have now. These are very important points, and they need to be answered. Some things addressed, should be happening & some should not.

    Firstly, my opinion on this situation. The things that should be happening, are the school closings. Many kids, do not go home to a clean house or whatever. Or, clean people as of some examples. Students may catch a sickness at school, and take it home to their family. Or, catch the sickness at home and take it to school. Spreading the disease. Students aren't prone to being clean as that is not the case all of the time.

    In conclusion, will we be able to find something that'll cure this situation? Maybe so, however it takes the right people and right things to do it. Not everyone can wake up, with an idea on how to do this. It'll take work, effort and time. Therefore that, people should stay inside til everything is cleared up. Which may, sadly take a long time.

    Sincerely yours, Jalen Glover (Student.)

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  • RE: response to your article

    Langston Hughes High School
    7510 Hall Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213

    Dear , Author

    The covid-19 is really out of hand, this is a big crisis. Its also effecting many people in the world. In my opinion covid-19 is a very stressful virus. No one was prepared for this .Covid-19 has taking many lives very fast. This will all come to an end soon.

    sincerely , Destiny Curtis

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  • Respons To The Article

    Dear Author,
    I agree what with you're saying. We don't know what going to happen currently with Coronavirus and we don't know what's going to happen in the future. So we don't come together now, we won't know what'll happen.

    -William Franklin

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  • RE: American Association for the advancement of science

    On the political front ,there is finally some progress as exceptional public servants have emerged as the face of the crisis.The US coronavirus task force Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the national institute of alley and infectious diseases .The Fauci and birx are becoming better known as the world along with there counterparts.I feel like this pandimic needs to come to a end.I also feel like the political front are gaining progress with the virus.This pandimic will eventually come to a end but,for right now we have to stay home.

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  • RE: Gannon's response

    This virus might be the worst pandemic in history

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  • My Response

    Dear Author,
    I found this article very interesting. I really focused on the part about if this disease will be like 9/11 or the 2008 Financial crisis. I hope and pray they find a cure. I believe not being in school actually hurting children. Some students don't have access to Wi-Fi or a computer. I hope scientists finds a cure soon.

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  • RE: Time to pull together
    • Danuta Wasserman, Professor of Psychiatry and Suicidology, Karolinska Institutet, National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health, Sweden
    • Other Contributors:
      • Rutger van der Gaag, Professor of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, Radboudumc Nijmegen, Netherlands and Stradina University, Latvia
      • Jan Wise, Consultant Psychiatrist, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

    Title: Terms ‘physical distancing’ and ‘emotional closeness’ should be used and not ‘social distancing’ when defeating the Covid-19 pandemic

    Authors: Wasserman Danuta (danuta.wasserman@ki.se), van der Gaag Rutger (rutgerjan@rjvandergaag.nl), Wise Jan (jan@wiserminds.co.uk)


    Covid-19 hits nations worldwide. Social restrictions are being put in place in an effort to limit the spread of the corona virus and save lives. However, the frequently used term ‘social distancing’ evokes among many, but particularly in vulnerable groups, associations of being distanced, rejected and isolated. Instead, the correct term of ‘physical distancing’ should be used as the purpose of it is to prevent the spread of infection too quickly in the population. At the same time, empathy and emotional closeness shown in different ways by so many around the world should be underscored as none of us are immune to the infection. Therefore, we advocate the use of the terms ‘physical distancing’ and ‘emotional closeness’ and not ‘social distancing’ during this pandemic.


    Thorp (2020) wrote well on Covid-19. He mentions the effects of social restrictions. Many governments have called for “social distancing” enforced through legislation (The Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain) or social policy (Sweden and UK). The social d...

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  • RE: Pull Together
    • Alan Halbert, Engineering Support Services, Bridgestone Americas

    Thank you. I believe the scientific community would agree completely with you. We must pull together.

    But it’s ironic and disappointing that this same issue of Science features a politically motivated and divisive interview by Jon Cohen with Dr. Anthony Fauci. I wrote this email to the journalist:

    Thanks for the interesting interview, Jon. But please let’s stick to scientific topics not political agendas. Several of the questions and comments in the interview were made to elicit or advance criticism of the president and his admittedly “factually challenged“ remarks. Also, it seemed obvious to many that Dr. Fauci put his hand up to stifle a smile and laughter at the president’s tongue-in-cheek joke (to maintain an air of seriousness) and not in embarrassment.

    Alan Halbert

    Sent from my iPhone

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