Erratum for the Report “Forest microclimate dynamics drive plant responses to warming” by F. Zellweger, P. De Frenne, J. Lenoir, P. Vangansbeke, K. Verheyen, M. Bernhardt-Römermann, L. Baeten, R. Hédl, I. Berki, J. Brunet, H. Van Calster, M. Chudomelová, G. Decocq, T. Dirnböck, T. Durak, T. Heinken, B. Jaroszewicz, M. Kopecký, F. Máliš, M. Macek, M. Marek, T. Naaf, T. A. Nagel, A. Ortmann-Ajkai, P. Petřík, R. Pielech, K. Reczyńska, W. Schmidt, T. Standovár, K. Świerkosz, B. Teleki, O. Vild, M. Wulf, D. Coomes

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Science  26 Jun 2020:
Vol. 368, Issue 6498, eabd3881
DOI: 10.1126/science.abd3881

In the Report “Forest microclimate dynamics drive plant responses to warming,” there was a coding mistake in the assessment of the models shown in Fig. 3 and in figs. S8 and S9 in the supplementary materials. This error has been corrected and the model evaluations in the legends have been updated. The relationships and confidence intervals in Fig. 3, A and B, and in the two supplementary figures are shown correctly, and no interpretations or conclusions were affected.

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