What if Biden wins?

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Science  16 Oct 2020:
Vol. 370, Issue 6514, pp. 284-285
DOI: 10.1126/science.370.6514.284

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If former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidential election, he will face high expectations from the U.S. scientific community. They will be counting on him to bring science and leadership to the fight against COVID-19 while reversing a host of moves by President Donald Trump that many researchers regard as disastrous. A President Biden will have vast authority to move quickly to undo many Trump policies, including those relating to climate change, environmental protection, and fetal tissue research. But he could be hampered by forces beyond his control, including which party controls the Senate, the ideological complexion of the courts, and—when it comes to fighting COVID-19—the progress of science itself. As part a special package on this year's U.S. elections, Science looks at some science-related actions Biden will likely pursue, and how quickly he might be able to accomplish them.

  • With reporting from Adrian Cho, Jon Cohen, Warren Cornwall, Jocelyn Kaiser, Jeffrey Mervis, Erik Stokstad, Paul Voosen, and Meredith Wadman.

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