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Echolocation in soft-furred tree mice

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Science  18 Jun 2021:
Vol. 372, Issue 6548, eaay1513
DOI: 10.1126/science.aay1513

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New echolocator

Echolocation is a well demonstrated convergent sensory mode in bats and toothed whales. These lineages are not closely related, and this sense might be more broadly distributed than we recognize. Using a suite of approaches, He et al. show that the lineage of soft-furred tree mice (genus Typhlomys) includes multiple echolocators. Clear evidence of the behavioral use of echolocation under fully dark conditions was supported by the convergence of ear bone morphology and hearing-related genes with other echolocating mammals.

Science, aay1513, this issue p. eaay1513

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