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Science  18 Oct 1929:
Vol. 70, Issue 1816, pp. 361-364
DOI: 10.1126/science.70.1816.361


Java was hot and there were other discomforts, but all who were present at the congress returned to their homes appreciative of the charms and manifold subjects of scientific and other kinds of interest of what is perhaps the most fascinating of tropical islands, deeply grateful for the courtesies and hospitality extended to them and convinced that the Fourth Pacific Science Congress was the most successful of that series of congresses. Thanks are due all of those who contributed to the social enjoyment and the scientific accomplishments of the congress, but it may be permissible to emphasize the part played by the general president, Dr. Otto de Vries. He showed capacity in the organization of the congress, his handling of all matters connected with it was tactful and his genial personality endeared him to every one. We congratulated him on his success and told him that we were proud of him.