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Arabidopsis Transcription Factors: Genome-Wide Comparative Analysis Among Eukaryotes
J. L. Riechmann, J. Heard, G. Martin, L. Reuber, C. -Z., Jiang, J. Keddie, L. Adam, O. Pineda, O. J. Ratcliffe, R. R. Samaha, R. Creelman, M. Pilgrim, P. Broun, J. Z. Zhang, D. Ghandehari, B. K. Sherman, and G. -L. Yu

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Figure 1b

Arabidopsis transcription factor families:AP2/EREBP, RAV-like, ABI3/VP1, ARF, and IAA. Schematic representation of selected proteins belonging to each one of those groups. Domains that have been shuffled, and that therefore 'connect' different groups of transcription factors are indicated with rectangles, whose size is proportional to the length of the domain. DNA binding domains are colored. Protein names are indicated. See text for details.
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Figure 1