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Human DNA Repair Genes
Richard D. Wood, Michael Mitchell, John Sgouros, and Tomas Lindahl

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Supplemental Table 1. Can be viewed as an HTML document by clicking here.

A version of this table with updates is available on Clicking on the Gene Name in the first column provides a direct link to the Gene Card (hosted at the UK mirror), where available. This provides a convenient compilation of information on DNA and protein sequences, ESTs, chromosome mapping, key references to the literature, and any available structural information. Gene Cards can also be directly accessed at Clicking on the chromosome column gives a direct link to a local view of the human cytogenetic map and an entry into Locus Link, via the National Center for Biotechnology Information (also available on Clicking on the accession number gives a direct link to RefSeq or GenBank entries with the corresponding nucleotide and protein sequences, also accessible through In a few cases, accession numbers are not currently available (N/A).