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Snf1--a Histone Kinase That Works in Concert with the Histone Acetyltransferase Gcn5 to Regulate Transcription
Wan-Sheng Lo, Laura Duggan, N. C. Tolga, Emre, Rimma Belotserkovskya, William S. Lane, Ramin Shiekhattar, and Shelley L. Berger

Supplementary Material

Supplemental Figure 1. (A) Western analysis for histone H3 Ser-10 or Ser-28 phosphorylation by Snf1. GST-Snf1 or GST-Ipl1 was used for kinase assays followed by immunoblot analysis, using the indicated phosphorylation-specific antibodies. (B) Western blot characterization of histone H3 Ser-10 phosphorylation-specific antibody. Immunoblot was done using an antibody raised to the peptide TARK-pS-TGGKC. Lane 1, mixture of free core histones; lane 2, histone H3 1-26 residue peptide; lane 3, histone H3 1-26 residue Ser-10-phosphorylated; lane 4, histone H3 1-26 residue Ser-10-phosphorylated/Lys-14-acetylated; lane 5, histone H3 1-26 residue Lys-14-acetylated; lane 6, full-length histone H3. Each peptide or histone sample was spotted onto membrane in serial dilution (0.5-500 ng).

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