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Stereotyped Position of Local Synaptic Targets in Neocortex
James Kozloski, Farid Hamzei-Sichani, and Rafael Yuste

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Supplemental Figure 1. Reconstructed layer 5 CT pyramidal neurons used as triggers. Completely recovered neurons (top row and middle left) showed apical tufts in layer 1. Note thick apical dendrites with multiple collateral branches, and basal dendrites terminating in a circle around the soma. Scale = 200 mum.

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Supplemental Figure 2. Layer 5 interneurons. (A) Morphologies of the 48 layer 5 interneurons reconstructed in a random sample. Only dendritic arborizations are shown (scale = 200 mum). (B) Cluster analysis of all followers (colored circles as in Fig. 2) and randomly sampled interneurons (blue circles). Followers cluster together, and fall into a subset of possible classes.

Figure A

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  • View Excel Table - Morphological measurements from the 65 neurons included in study.