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Prevention of Organ Allograft Rejection by a Specific Janus Kinase 3 Inhibitor
Paul S. Changelian, Mark E. Flanagan, Douglas J. Ball, Craig R. Kent, Kelly S. Magnuson, William H. Martin, Bonnie J. Rizzuti, Perry S. Sawyer, Bret D. Perry, William H. Brissette, Sandra P. McCurdy, Elizabeth M. Kudlacz, Maryrose J. Conklyn, Eileen A. Elliott, Erika R. Koslov, Michael B. Fisher, Timothy J. Strelevitz, Kwansik Yoon, David A. Whipple, Jianmin Sun, Michael J. Munchhof, John L. Doty, Jeffrey M. Casavant, Todd A. Blumenkopf, Michael Hines, Matthew F. Brown, Brett M. Lillie, Chakrapani Subramanyam, Chang Shang-Poa, Anthony J. Milici, Gretchen E. Beckius, James D. Moyer, Chunyan Su, Thasia G. Woodworth, Anderson S. Gaweco, Chan R. Beals, Bruce H. Littman, Douglas A. Fisher, James F. Smith, Panayiotis Zagouras, Holly A. Magna, Mary J. Saltarelli, Kimberly S. Johnson, Linda F. Nelms, Shelley G. Des Etages, Lisa S. Hayes, Thomas T. Kawabata, Deborah Finco-Kent, Deanna L. Baker, Michael Larson, Ming-Sing Si, Ricardo Paniagua, John Higgins, Bari Holm, Bruce Reitz, Yong-Jie Zhou, Randall E. Morris, John J. O'Shea, and Dominic C. Borie

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