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Prospects for Biodiversity
Martin Jenkins
Science302, 1175 (2003)
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Web Sites of Interest on Biodiversity Issues


United Nations Environment Programme
Key U.N. "environment for development" agency undertakes a wealth of activities in the biodiversity arena.
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Information portal on worldwide conservation and biodiversity issues, started as a nonprofit and now under the aegis of the UNEP.
Convention on Biological Diversity
Rich, remarkable site of the U.N. convention includes the text of the convention itself, a "clearing-house mechanism" for worldwide biodiversity and biosafety information, a collection of biodiversity links, and much, much more. Highly recommended.
IUCN -- The World Conservation Union
International scientific and policy organization on sustainable-development issues.
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Registry of threatened and endangered plant and animal species. Site includes a number of useful summary tables.
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Denmark-based project to "make the world's primary data on biodiversity freely and universally available via the Internet."
National Biological Information Infrastructure
Well-stocked Web clearinghouse for data and information on North American biological resources. Includes a superb collection of links on genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity.
National Biodiversity Network
Project to build the U.K.'s first network of biodiversity information.
Nonprofit purveyor of biodiversity information and other conservation-oriented data.
Tree of Life Web Server
Compulsively browseable online rendering of Earth's biodiversity.
AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment
Free online version of comprehensive reference on geographic relationships between population and environment; includes extensive section on biodiversity.
World Resources Institute
Well-known nonprofit organization focusing on sustainable-development issues.
EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal
Handsome site from WRI providing gateway to myriad information, including data tables, maps, and other features, on a variety of environmental issues, including biodiversity.
Conservation International Home
A leading nonprofit organization focusing on conserving global biodiversity. Organization's many excellent Web sites include the education-focused Investigate Biodiversity, an effort on biodiversity hotspots, and the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science.
WWF -- The Conservation Organization
Education- and citizen-oriented Web site of the well-known advocacy organization.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNESCO's site includes a natural science portal with in-depth information on the organization's activities regarding human influences on the biosphere.
World Heritage Center
Online headquarters for the UNESCO cultural and natural conservation program.
UK Government Sustainable Development
Interesting site detailing the U.K.'s efforts in sustainable development.
Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server
Browseable site with an abundance of links "of interest to systematists and other biologists of the organismic kind."
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Ecology and Biodiversity
Searchable collection of biodiversity resources, hosted by the Society for Conservation Biology.


Selected Previous Science Articles on Biodiversity Issues


Science Special Issues
Special Issue: Human-Dominated Ecosystems
24 July 1997; v. 277, no. 5325
Includes news and six review articles on the biodiversity and ecosystem impacts of human activities.
Special Issue: Bioinformatics for Biodiversity
29 September 2000; v. 289, no. 5488
Collection of articles on how global electronic databases are changing biodiversity studies.
Special Issue: Ecology Through Time
Reviews, Viewpoints, and news about human impacts and ecological patterns over long time scales.
Other Science Articles
Preserving the Tree of Life
Georgina M. Mace et al.
Science300, 1707-1709 (2003)
[Abstract][Full text]
Protecting China's Biodiversity
Jianguo Liu
Science300, 1240-1241 (2003)
[Summary][Full text]
Direct Payments to Conserve Biodiversity
Paul J. Ferraro and Agnes Kiss
Science298, 1718-1719 (2002)
[Summary][Full text]
Biodiversity Update--Progress in Taxonomy
Stephen Blackmore
Science298, 365 (2002)
[Summary][Full text]
Economic Reasons for Conserving Wild Nature
Andrew Balmford et al.
Science297, 950-953 (2002)
[Abstract][Full text]
Science, Sustainability, and the Human Prospect
Peter H. Raven
Science297, 954-958 (2002)
[Summary][Full text]
Mammal Population Losses and the Extinction Crisis
Gerardo Ceballos and Paul R. Ehrlich
Science296, 904-907 (2002)
[Abstract][Full text]
Marine Biodiversity Hotspots and Conservation Priorities for Tropical Reefs
Callum M. Roberts et al.
Science295, 1280-1284 (2002)
[Abstract][Full text]
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Current Knowledge and Future Challenges
M. Loreau et al.
Science294, 804-808 (2001)
[Abstract][Full text]
Can We Defy Nature's End?
Stuart L. Pimm et al.
Science293, 2207-2208 (2001)
[Summary][Full text]
Humans as the World's Greatest Evolutionary Force
Stephen R. Palumbi
Science293, 1786-1790 (2001)
[Abstract][Full text]
The End for Indonesia's Lowland Forests?
Paul Jepson et al.
Science292, 859-861 (2001)
[Summary][Full text]
Conservation Conflicts Across Africa
Andrew Balmford et al.
Science291, 2616-2619 (2001)
[Abstract][Full text]
Effectiveness of Parks in Protecting Tropical Biodiversity
Aaron G. Bruner et al.
Science291, 125-128 (2001)
[Abstract][Full text]
A Global Biodiversity Map
Edward O. Wilson
Science289, 2279 (2000)
Nonrandom Extinction and the Loss of Evolutionary History
Andy Purvis et al.
Science288, 328-330 (2000)
[Abstract][Full text]
Global Biodiversity Scenarios for the Year 2100
Osvaldo E. Sala et al.
Science287, 1770-1774 (2000)
[Abstract][Full text]
Emerging Infectious Diseases of Wildlife-- Threats to Biodiversity and Human Health
Peter Daszak et al.
Science287, 443-449 (2000)
[Abstract][Full text]
International Ecosystem Assessment
Edward Ayensu et al.
Science286, 685-686 (1999)
[Summary][Full text]
Conservation Targets: Do They Help?
Michael E. Soulé and M. A. Sanjayan
Science279, 2060-2061 (1998)
[Summary][Full text]
Planning for Biodiversity
Stuart L. Pimm and John H. Lawton
Science279, 2068-2069 (1998)
[Summary][Full text]
Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation Strategies
Albert S. van Jaarsveld et al.
Science279, 2106-2108 (1998)
[Abstract][Full text]
Population Diversity: Its Extent and Extinction
Jennifer B. Hughes et al.
Science278, 689-692 (1997)
[Abstract][Full text]
A Role for Ecotones in Generating Rainforest Biodiversity
Thomas B. Smith et al.
Science276, 1855-1857 (1997)
[Abstract][Full text]
From the JSTOR Archive
Knowing the Earth's Biodiversity: Challenges for the Infrastructure of Systematic Biology
Stephen Blackmore
Science274, 63-64 (1996)
[PDF] (0.5 MB)
The Future of Biodiversity
Stuart Pimm et al.
Science269, 347-350 (1995)
[PDF] (1.0 MB)
Biodiversity Studies: Science and Policy
Paul R. Ehrlich and Edward O. Wilson
Science253, 758-762 (1991)
[PDF] (1.2 MB)

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