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Global Mapping of the Yeast Genetic Interaction Network
Amy Hin Yan Tong, Guillaume Lesage, Gary D. Bader, Huiming Ding, Hong Xu, Xiaofeng Xin, James Young, Gabriel F. Berriz, Renee L. Brost, Michael Chang, YiQun Chen, Xin Cheng, Gordon Chua, Helena Friesen, Debra S. Goldberg, Jennifer Haynes, Christine Humphries, Grace He, Shamiza Hussein, Lizhu Ke, Nevan Krogan, Zhijian Li, Joshua N. Levinson, Hong Lu, Patrice M´┐Żnard, Christella Munyana, Ainslie B. Parsons, Owen Ryan, Raffi Tonikian, Tania Roberts, Anne-Marie Sdicu, Jesse Shapiro, Bilal Sheikh, Bernhard Suter, Sharyl L. Wong, Lan V. Zhang, Hongwei Zhu, Christopher G. Burd, Sean Munro, Chris Sander, Jasper Rine, Jack Greenblatt, Matthias Peter, Anthony Bretscher, Graham Bell, Frederick P. Roth, Grant W. Brown, Brenda Andrews, Howard Bussey, and Charles Boone

Supporting Online Material

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1. Materials and Methods
2. Figs. S1 to 11
3. References
4. Tables S1 to S8

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