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Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Kill Bacteria
Volker Brinkmann, Ulrike Reichard, Christian Goosmann, Beatrix Fauler, Yvonne Uhlemann, David S. Weiss, Yvette Weinrauch, and Arturo Zychlinsky

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S3
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  • Movie S1
    DNA is a major constituent of NETs. Brief treatment with protease-free DNase leads to complete dismantling of the fibres.
  • Movie S2
    Time-lapse movie of isolated PMN before and after PMA stimulation. Every 5 sec one frame was taken, the time-lapse factor is 120. Unstimulated, the cells are highly motile but stay spheroid most of the time. After addition of PMA (small image shift after half of the movie), the cells flatten considerably but remain highly motile. The last frame was taken after addition of the cell impermeant DNA dye Sytox Green which stains NETs. In the area of NETs, no dead cells are visible.