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Enhanced Dendritic Cell Antigen Capture via Toll-Like Receptor-Induced Actin Remodeling
M. A. West, R. P. A. Wallin, S. P. Matthews, H. G. Svensson, R. Zaru, H.-G . Ljunggren, A. R. Prescott, C .Watts

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S6

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  • Movie S1
    Time-lapse movie showing phase images of SDC to which LPS was added at the start of recording. Many membrane ruffles (phase dark) and macropinosomes (phase bright) are apparent within a few minutes of LPS addition. One movie frame recorded every 20 seconds, total time of sequence 60 minutes.
  • Movie S2
    Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching in an SDC expressing eGFPactin. Three frames were collected before photobleaching followed by a bleach of 10 scans of the region of interest (several podosomes in the patch imaged) at 60% full laser power. Recovery was followed by collecting images 1 frame every 1.2 seconds for 70 seconds.
  • Movie S3
    Transient LPS-triggered disassembly of podosomes in SDC. Images were collected 1 frame every 30 seconds for a total period of 65 minutes. LPS was added at 13 minutes as indicated in the movie. Podosomes disassemble 33 minutes after LPS addition and subsequently recover over the next 20 minutes.