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Spatial Representation in the Entorhinal Cortex
M. Fyhn, S. Molden, M. P. Witter, E. I. Moser, M.-B. Moser

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    Example of 20 second Bayesian decoding of the ensemble activity of 8 simultaneously recorded principal neurons in the dorsolateral band of MEC in a rat running in a square box (1 x 1 m). The actual location of the rat is indicated by a red cross. The trajectory of the rat was predicted using place fields constructed from an independent set of the data (see Materials and Methods in Supplementary Online Material). The blue dots are samples from the prediction probability distribution. High density of dots indicates high conditional probability of finding the rat at that particular location. The green dots are samples from a null model, which is a simulation of the same random walk assumed by the decoding algorithm, except that the neural activity is ignored. Note that the predictive distribution is mostly unimodal with a difference between the mode of the predictive distribution and the rat's actual path of ~ 5-10 cm. The unimodality is interrupted by short periods with multiple modes at 3-4 sec, 10-12 sec, and 17-20 sec, reflecting the periodic influence of more than one peak in the firing field when the sample size is limited.