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Patient-Specific Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Human SCNT Blastocysts
Woo Suk Hwang, Sung Il Roh, Byeong Chun Lee, Sung Keun Kang, Dae Kee Kwon, Sue Kim, Sun Jong Kim, Sun Woo Park, Hee Sun Kwon, Chang Kyu Lee, Jung Bok Lee, Jin Mee Kim, Curie Ahn, Sun Ha Paek, Sang Sik Chang, Jung Jin Koo, Hyun Soo Yoon, Jung Hye Hwang, Youn Young Hwang, Ye Soo Park, Sun Kyung Oh, Hee Sun Kim, Jong Hyuk Park, Shin Yong Moon, Gerald Schatten

Supporting Online Material

Correction (13 June 2005): A paragraph has been added to page 3, which describes the role of the University of Pittsburgh in this work. The original supplemental data can be viewed here.

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