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The Connectivity Map: Using Gene-Expression Signatures to Connect Small Molecules, Genes, and Disease
Justin Lamb, Emily D. Crawford, David Peck, Joshua W. Modell, Irene C. Blat, Matthew J. Wrobel, Jim Lerner,1 Jean-Philippe Brunet, Aravind Subramanian, Kenneth N. Ross, Michael Reich, Haley Hieronymus, Guo Wei, Scott A. Armstrong, Stephen J. Haggarty, Paul A. Clemons, Ru Wei, Steven A. Carr, Eric S. Lander, Todd R. Golub

Supporting Online Material

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S5

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Table S1
Signatures S1 to S11
Results S1 to S11

Table S1, Signatures S1 to S11, Results S1 to S11. Data table in Excel format, signature files in Excel format, and results files in plain text format; detailed descriptions can be found in README.pdf, enclosed. (All files packaged as a single compressed archive, in *.zip format; users should download the compressed file to their machine and decompress the file on their local hard drive, using the instructions below): (0.2 MB)

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