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Counting Low-Copy Number Proteins in a Single Cell
Bo Huang, Hongkai Wu, Devaki Bhaya, Arthur Grossman, Sebastien Granier, Brian K. Kobilka, Richard N. Zare

Supporting Online Material

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S6
Table S1
Movies S1 and S2

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Movie S1 (1133992s1.avi)
Molecule counting of beta 2 adrenergic receptor in an insect cell, showing the results of cell 1 in Fig. 2B. Both the unbound antibody peak and the immunocomplex peak are recorded.

Movie S2 (1199332s2.avi)
Molecule counting of phycobiliproteins in a Synechococcus cell, showing the results of cell (c) in Fig. 3D.

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