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Hardwiring the Brain: Endocannabinoids Shape Neuronal Connectivity
Paul Berghuis, Ann M. Rajnicek, Yury M. Morozov, Ruth A. Ross, Jan Mulder, Gabriella M. Urbán, Krisztina Monory, Giovanni Marsicano, Michela Matteoli, Alison Canty, Andrew J. Irving, István Katona, Yuchio Yanagawa, Pasko Rakic, Beat Lutz, Ken Mackie, Tibor Harkany

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Materials and Methods
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Movie S1
CB1 receptors are accumulating at the initial segment of neurites and are transported to growth cones. High-resolution video sequence of a cultured GABAergic interneuron shows predominant CB1R localization to neurites and filamentous actin-containing (Alexa 546- phalloidin+) growth cones. Note the apparent association of CB1Rs with the plasma membrane. Scale bar = 18 μm

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