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Fate Mapping Analysis Reveals That Adult Microglia Derive from Primitive Macrophages
Florent Ginhoux, Melanie Greter, Marylene Leboeuf, Sayan Nandi, Peter See, Solen Gokhan, Mark F. Mehler, Simon J. Conway, Lai Guan Ng, E. Richard Stanley, Igor M. Samokhvalov, Miriam Merad

Supporting Online Material

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S10

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Movie s1
Optical sectioning of E10.5 CX3CR1gfp brain rudiment by multiphoton microscopy.

Movie s2
Optical scanning of E10.5 CX3CR1 gfp brain rudiment through z-axis.

Movie s3
Dynamic imaging of E10.5 CX3CR1 gfp brain rudiment.

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