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A Neutralizing Antibody Selected from Plasma Cells That Binds to Group 1 and Group 2 Influenza A Hemagglutinins

Davide Corti, Jarrod Voss, Steven J. Gamblin, Giosiana Codoni, Annalisa Macagno, David Jarrossay, Sebastien G. Vachieri, Debora Pinna, Andrea Minola, Fabrizia Vanzetta, Chiara Silacci, Blanca M. Fernandez-Rodriguez, Gloria Agatic, Siro Bianchi, Isabella Giacchetto-Sasselli, Lesley Calder, Federica Sallusto, Patrick Collins, Lesley F. Haire, Nigel Temperton, Johannes P. M. Langedijk, John J. Skehel, Antonio Lanzavecchia

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Correction (12 August 2011): The authors have added the GenBank accession numbers in Fig. S1 and an additional line to Fig. S8B that shows the shared residues of the high binding peptides that contribute to FI6 binding; the label of the x axis in Fig. S13 has been improved.
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