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The Mutational Landscape of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Nicolas Stransky, Ann Marie Egloff, Aaron D. Tward, Aleksandar D. Kostic, Kristian Cibulskis, Andrey Sivachenko, Gregory V. Kryukov, Michael Lawrence, Carrie Sougnez, Aaron McKenna, Erica Shefler, Alex H. Ramos, Petar Stojanov, Scott L. Carter, Douglas Voet, Maria L Cortés, Daniel Auclair, Michael F. Berger, Gordon Saksena, Candace Guiducci, Robert Onofrio, Melissa Parkin, Marjorie Romkes, Joel L. Weissfeld, Raja R. Seethala, Lin Wang, Claudia Rangel-Escareño, Juan Carlos Fernandez-Lopez, Alfredo Hidalgo-Miranda, Jorge Melendez-Zajgla, Wendy Winckler, Kristin Ardlie, Stacey B. Gabriel, Matthew Meyerson, Eric S. Lander, Gad Getz, Todd R. Golub, Levi A. Garraway, Jennifer R. Grandis

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Correction (5 August 2011): This revised file contains the following changes: (i) several minor edits to the authors and their affiliations, (ii) a correction to the title of table S9, and (iii) alterations to the PDF bookmarks that make it easier for the reader to navigate all figures.
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Table S2
Sequencing statistics for whole exome hybrid capture.
Table S3
Sequencing statistics for whole genome sequencing.
Table S5
Complete list of somatic rearrangement for two head and neck whole genomes.
Table S6
Complete list of point mutations and indels in the final HNSCC collection.
Table S10
Sample information file with patient characteristics.
Table S11
Segmented copy-number data for 55 samples.