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Torsional Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles

Javad Foroughi, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gordon G. Wallace, Jiyoung Oh, Mikhail E. Kozlov, Shaoli Fang, Tissaphern Mirfakhrai, John D. W. Madden, Min Kyoon Shin, Seon Jeong Kim, Ray H. Baughman

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S7
  • Legends for movies S1 and S2
  • References (31, 32)

Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
Paddle rotation upon voltage pulse switching from 0 V to +5 V for a 120 mm longnanotube yarn half immersed in 0.2M TBA.PF6 (acetonitrile) electrolyte for 5 seconds, followed by the reverse direction rotation on switching from +5 V to 0 V. A real time movie of paddle rotation is followed by a slow motion movie.
Movie S2
Demonstration of a fluidic mixer that is powered by a carbon nanotube torsionalActuator.