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Wolbachia Enhance Drosophila Stem Cell Proliferation and Target the Germline Stem Cell Niche

Eva M. Fast, Michelle E. Toomey, Kanchana Panaram, Danielle Desjardins, Eric D. Kolaczyk, Horacio M. Frydman

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Movie S1
A 3D reconstruction from a confocal Z series of an infected D. mauritiana's germarium rotates around the anterior – posterior axis. DNA is in blue and Wolbachia is in green. The nuclear envelope of the GSCN and stalk cells is labeled in red. DNA staining is shown only on the first frame to facilitate Wolbachia visualization. Note that the terminal filament and the cap cells (GSCN, leftmost structure) harbor the highest concentration of Wolbachia. Note also that in these cells, the green Wolbachia staining fills most of their volume, regardless of the rotation angle.