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Restoring Voluntary Control of Locomotion after Paralyzing Spinal Cord Injury

Rubia van den Brand, Janine Heutschi, Quentin Barraud, Jack DiGiovanna, Kay Bartholdi, Michèle Huerlimann, Lucia Friedli, Isabel Vollenweider, Eduardo Martin Moraud, Simone Duis, Nadia Dominici, Silvestro Micera, Pavel Musienko, Grégoire Courtine

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Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
This movie explains the concept of the multisystem neuroprosthetic training and shows the process through which rats with a paralyzing SCI recovered voluntary control of hindlimb locomotion. The movie also shows that treadmill-restricted training fails to restore voluntary locomotion, in spite of markedly improved stepping capacities on a treadmill (QuickTime; 6.6 MB)
Movie S2
This movie shows the complete loss of voluntary walking capacities after the ablation of thoracic relay neurons in rats that had recovered supraspinal control of locomotion with training. (QuickTime; 2.4 MB).
Movie S3
This movie shows the modulation of motor cortex neurons during gait initiation, sustained locomotion, and correction events. The sequence of corrections is shown for a trial on a staircase. The movie also shows the complete loss of voluntary locomotion after microinjections of muscimol in the left motor cortex. (QuickTime; 4.8 MB).