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Adaptive Sleep Loss in Polygynous Pectoral Sandpipers

John A. Lesku, Niels C. Rattenborg, Mihai Valcu, Alexei L. Vyssotski, Sylvia Kuhn, Franz Kuemmeth, Wolfgang Heidrich, Bart Kempenaers

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Movie S1
Male with EEG/EMG logger courting a female. In this movie a male that underwent
surgery for attaching the EEG/EMG logger (white spot on back) 1.5 d earlier can be
seen courting a female. Following a period of running after the female with his tail
raised (see also Fig. 1B in main text), the male attempts (perhaps successfully) to
copulate with the female (i.e., brief wing fluttering over the female) and then flies
away. Movie recorded by Martina Oltrogge, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology — Seewiesen, Germany.
Audio S1
Male hooting during display flight (Fig. 1A).