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Predatory Fish Select for Coordinated Collective Motion in Virtual Prey

C. C. Ioannou, V. Guttal, I. D. Couzin

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Movie S1A
Examples of predator behavior leading to selection for coordinated collective motion in virtual prey. In the first clip, an isolated prey is targeted and attacked by the fish. In the second, the fish attacks a prey with high tortuosity in a group (i.e. a prey in a swarm) split by the periodic boundary conditions. Shown at the bottom is the time step of the simulation (left) and the random seed unique to each trial (right). Clips are taken from pilot trials and have been down-sampled to reduce file size (to 15 frames per second and a lower picture quality). Two versions are provided, one as the video was captured (A), and the other with the contrast adjusted to facilitate the visibility of the fish and prey (B).
Movie S2B