Supplementary Materials

Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family

Remco Bouckaert, Philippe Lemey, Michael Dunn, Simon J. Greenhill, Alexander V. Alekseyenko, Alexei J. Drummond, Russell D. Gray, Marc A. Suchard, Quentin D. Atkinson

Materials/Methods, Supporting Text, Tables, Figures, and/or References

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  • Materials and Methods
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  • Figs. S1 to S12
  • Tables S1 to S5
  • Legend for movie S1

Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
Movie showing the expansion of the Indo-European languages through time. Contours on the map represent the 95% highest posterior density distribution of the range of Indo-European.

Additional Data

BEAST input file for the full relaxed random walk analysis, including age constraints, location data, and cognate information.
NEXUS tree file
Maximum clade credibility tree for the full relaxed random walk analysis annotated with summaries for node height estimates, location estimates, posterior probabilities and variation in spatial and cognate diffusion and rates. The file contains two versions of the tree: one with the scaling factor for spatial rate variation ("spatialRate") and one with the scaling factor for cognate substitution rate variation ("cognateRate"). These trees and their annotated information can easily be visualized in FigTree (
Correction (20 December 2013): Figure S13 has been added and other changes have been made as described in the correction in the 20 December 2013 issue, page 1446.
The original version is accessible here.