Supplementary Materials

Neural Decoding of Visual Imagery During Sleep

T. Horikawa, M. Tamaki, Y. Miyawaki, Y. Kamitani

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S16
  • Tables S1 to S7
  • References (31–43)

Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
"What I was just looking at was some kind of characters. There was something like a writing paper for composing an essay, and I was looking at the characters from the essay or whatever it was. It was in black and white and the writing paper was the only thing that was there. And shortly before that I think I saw a movie with a person in it or something but I can't really remember."
Movie S2
"Well, there were persons, about 3 persons, inside some sort of hall. There was a male, a female, and maybe like a child. Ah, it was like a boy, a girl, and a mother. I don't think that there was any color."