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Who's Afraid of Peer Review?

Between January and June 2013, Science contributing correspondent John Bohannon submitted 304 fake research papers to open access journals. The papers were designed with such grave scientific flaws that they should have been rejected immediately by editors and peer reviewers.

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This map shows which journals accepted or rejected the papers, along with the email correspondences that led to those outcomes. Using data from email IP addresses and bank invoices, it also compares the countries where publishers claim to be with the location of their editors and bank accounts—information that is frequently obscured by open access publishers.

Read the full report here:

Citation: J. Bohannon, "Who's Afraid of Peer Review?" Science 342, 60-65 (2013)

The fake papers used for this project were created with help from Nicholas Douris (1), Shangyu Hong (1), ffolliott Martin Fisher (1), Olga Dudchenko (2),(3),(4), Elena Stamenova (2),(3),(4), Jim Robinson (2),(3),(4), Miriam Huntley (2),(3),(4), Benjamin MacDonald Schmidt (2),(3),(4),(5),(6), Adrian Sanborn (2),(3),(4), Ivan Bochkov (2),(3),(4), and Erez Lieberman Aiden (2),(3),(4)

  • (1) Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
  • (2) School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • (3) Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  • (4) Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • (5) Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • (6) College of Social Science and Humanities, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts


These data sets were curated by John Bohannon and Kelly Servick.

Summary data spreadsheet [] (57 KB) documentation [data_summary_readme.txt]

Papers [] (15 MB) documentation [papers_readme.txt]

Emails [] (268 MB) documentation [emails_readme.txt]

Academe Research JournalsInternational Journal of Biomedical Science Researchdeademails
Academic Research Centre of CanadaExperimental Agriculture & Horticulturereviewemails
Academic Research Publishing AgencyJournal of Pharmacy and Clinical Sciencesacceptedemails
Academy JournalsCurrent Cellular Biochemistryrejectedemails
Academy PublishJournal of Medical Research and Sciencesdeademails
Acta Biochimica PolonicaThe Journal of the Polish Biochemical Societyrejectedemails
Adis, Springer HealthcareDrugs in R&Drejectedemails
Advanced Research JournalsInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacologydeademails
Advanced Research JournalsInternational Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Advancements and Development in Technology InternationalAditi Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnologydeademails
Ain Shams UniversityEgyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciencesdeademails
Akademik Plus PublicationEuropean Journal of Biological and Chemical Researchdeademails
American Association of Neurological SurgeonsNeurosurgical Focusrejectedemails
American Journal of PharmTech ResearchAmerican Journal of PharmTech Researchacceptedemails
American Society for MicrobiologymBiorejectedemails
American V-King Scientific PublishingJournal of Life Medicinerejectedemails
ANSINetworkJournal of Medical Sciencesrejectedemails
AOSIS OpenJournalsAfrican Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicinerejectedemails
Apex JournalsJournal of Science And Enviromental Impactreviewemails
ARPN JournalsJournal of Agricultural and Biological Scienceacceptedemails
Ashdin PublishingInternational Journal of Medical Biologyrejectedemails
Asian Economic and Social SocietyJournal of Asian Scientific Researchacceptedemails
Association of Basic Medical Sciences of Federation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciencesrejectedemails
Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological and Food Engineers(AOCABFE), Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering(CSAE)International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineeringreviewemails
Association of Pharm innovatorsAsian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Association of Physiologist, Pharmacists and Pharmacologists (APPP)National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacologyacceptedemails
AstonJournalsChemical Sciences Journalrejectedemails
Ayub Medical College Abbottabad PakistanJournal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabadreviewemails
Baishideng Publishing GroupWorld Journal of Radiologyrejectedemails
Basic Research JournalsJournal of Medicine and Clinical Sciencesacceptedemails
Bentham openThe Open Bioactive Compounds Journalacceptedemails
Bio Tech SystemsJournal of Biotech Researchacceptedemails
BiofluxAdvances in Agriculture & Botanicsacceptedemails
BioInfoInternational Journal of Drug Discoveryacceptedemails
BioIT international JournalsInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Applicationsacceptedemails
BioMed CentralNeurogliarejectedemails
Biomedical Communications GroupAfrican Journal of Biomedical Researchacceptedemails
Biomedical Informatics Publishing GroupBioinformationacceptedemails
BioMedSciDirect PublicationsInternational Journal of Biological & Medical Researchacceptedemails
Boreal Environment Research Publishing BoardBoreal Environment Researchrejectedemails
British Association of Academic ResearchBritish Journal of Medical and Health Sciencesacceptedemails
Canadian Center of Science and EducationCancer and Clinical Oncologyrejectedemails
Center for Enhancing KnowledgeEuropean International Journal of Science and Technologyacceptedemails
Centraalbureau voor SchimmelculturesStudies in Mycologyrejectedemails
Centre For Info Bio TechnologyInternational Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
Chinese Medical AssociationChinese Medical Journalrejectedemails
Cloud JournalsInternational Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Science and Technologysubmission feeemails
Company of BiologistsBiOrejectedemails
Contemporary Journal Concept PressMathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciencesrejectedemails
Cosmic JournalsInternational journal of Education and Applied Researchacceptedemails
CSCanadaAdvances in Natural Scienceacceptedemails
David PublishingJournal of Life Sciencesacceptedemails
Deccan Pharma JournalsDeccan Journal of Medicinal Chemistryacceptedemails
Discovery Publishing GroupMedical Science Journalacceptedemails
Dove Medical Press LtdDrug Design, Development and Therapyacceptedemails
E Business NavigatorsBiology and Medicineacceptedemails
e-Century Publishing CorporationAmerican Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imagingrejectedemails
E-International Scientific Research Journal ConsortiumAmericas Journal of Medicinedeademails
e-journalsInternational Research Journal of Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
e-MED LtdGrand Roundsrejectedemails
e3JournalsJournal of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Researchacceptedemails
Ecological Society of KoreaJournal of Ecology and Environmentdeademails
Edizioni Danaus, PalermoBiodiversity Journalrejectedemails
eJournals of Academic Research & ReviewseJournal of Biological Sciencesacceptedemails
Electronic Center for International Scientific InformationInternational Journal of Agriculture: Research and Reviewacceptedemails
Electronic Center for International Scientific InformationInternational Journal of Agriculture: Research and Reviewacceptedemails
Elmer PressWorld Journal of Oncologyrejectedemails
ElsevierDrug Invention Todayacceptedemails
Engg Journals PublicationInternational Journal of Engineering Science and Technologyrejectedemails
Engineering and Technology PublishingJournal of Medical and Bioengineeringacceptedemails
Engineering, Technology & Applied Science ResearchEngineering, Technology & Applied Science Researchrejectedemails
Erudite Journals LimitedErudite Journal of Medicine and Medical Science Researchacceptedemails
Euresian PublicationsUniversal Journal of Environmental Research and Technologyacceptedemails
European Journal of ChemistryEuropean Journal of Chemistryacceptedemails
Food Science PublisherThe Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Diseaserejectedemails
Friends Science PublishersInternational Journal of Agriculture and Biologyrejectedemails
Frontiers MediaFrontiers in Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Drugsrejectedemails
Genetics Society of AmericaGenes | Genomes | Geneticsrejectedemails
GKS PublishersResearch in Biotechnologyacceptedemails
Global Academic SocietyIndian journal of Scientific Researchacceptedemails
Global Advanced Research JournalsGlobal Advanced Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
Global Journals, Inc. (US)Global Journal of Medical Researchacceptedemails
Global Research JournalsJournal of Pharmacy and Pharmacological Researchacceptedemails
Global Research OnlineInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Researchacceptedemails
Global Researchers JournalsJournal of Physiology and Pharmacology Advancesacceptedemails
Green Earth Research FoundationGERF Bulletin of Bioscienceacceptedemails
Green Global FoundationJournal of Soil and Naturedeademails
Greener JournalsGreener Journal of Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
Growing Science Publishing CompanyCurrent Chemistry Lettersrejectedemails
Gunther EysenbachJournal of Medical Internet Researchsubmission feeemails
GVGSResearch Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciencesacceptedemails
Herald International Research JournalsHerald Journal of Medicine and Medical Scienceacceptedemails
Herbert Open Access JournalsPharmaceutical Technology & Drug Researchrejectedemails
Hikari Ltd.Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
Hindawi Publishing CorporationChemotherapy Research and Practicerejectedemails
Horizon Scientific PressCurrent Issues in Molecular Biologyrejectedemails
IBCInterdisciplinary Bio Centralrejectedemails
Ibima PublishingAdvances in Cancer: Research & Treatmentrejectedemails
iConcept PressEmerging Issues in Medical Diagnosis and Treatmentrejectedemails
IJSAT PublishersInternational Journal of Science and Advanced Technologyacceptedemails
Independent Publishing houseProfessional Medical Journalacceptedemails
Indian Agricultural Research JournalsOpen Access Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plantssubmission feeemails
Indian Society for Education and EnvironmentIndian Journal of Drugs and Diseasesacceptedemails
Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchIndo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Researchrejectedemails
Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesIndo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Industry Research Collaboration CenterInternational Journal on Bioinformatics & Biosciencesacceptedemails
Innovare Academic SciencesInternational Journal of Applied Pharmaceuticsacceptedemails
Innovative Scientific Information & Services NetworkBioscience Researchacceptedemails
Insciences OrganisationStem Cellsrejectedemails
Insight KnowledgeInsight Pharmaceutical Sciencesrejectedemails
INSInet PublicationsGlobal journal of medicinal plant researchduplicateemails
INSInet PublicationsAustralian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciencesacceptedemails
Institute of Electronic & Information TechnologyAsia-Pacific Science and Culture Journaldeademails
Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of SciencesPhysiological Researchrejectedemails
InTech Open Access PublisherInternational Journal of Integrative Medicineacceptedemails
International Academic JournalsInternational Journal of AgriSciencerejectedemails
International Association of Journals & ConferencesInternational Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologiesacceptedemails
International Digital Organization for Scientific InformationGlobal Journal of Pharmacologyacceptedemails
International House for Academic Scientific ResearchInternational Journal of Advanced Medical Sciences and Applied Researchacceptedemails
International Institute for Science, Technology and EducationAdvances in Life Science and Technologyacceptedemails
International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering ResearchInternational Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Researchacceptedemails
International Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical SciencesInternational Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
International Journal of Current ResearchInternational Journal of Current Researchacceptedemails
International Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma ResearchInternational Journal of Life Sciences Biotechnology and Pharma Researchacceptedemails
International Journal of Pharma and Bio SciencesInternational Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciencesacceptedemails
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug ResearchInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Researchrejectedemails
International Journal of Research in Chemistry and EnvironmentInternational Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environmentrejectedemails
International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and ChemistryInternational Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Chemistryacceptedemails
International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and ScienceInternational Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Scienceacceptedemails
International Journals of Engineering & SciencesInternational Journal of Basic & Applied Sciencesacceptedemails
International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research AcademyInternational Journal of Engineering, Science and Mathematicsacceptedemails
International Journals of Scientific ResearchAdvances in Biological Sciencesacceptedemails
International Network for Applied Sciences and TechnologyJournal of Plant Biology Researchacceptedemails
International Network for Natural SciencesInternational Journal of Biomolecules and Biomedicinerejectedemails
International Research JournalInternational Research and Reviewacceptedemails
International Research JournalsAgricultural Science Research Journalacceptedemails
International Research JournalsJournal of Medicine and Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
International Scholars JournalsInternational Journal of Oncology and Cancer Researchacceptedemails
International Scientific PublicationsEcology & Safetyacceptedemails
Internet Scientific Publications, LLCThe Internet Journal of Herbal and Plant Medicineacceptedemails
Interscience JournalsJournal of Current Research in Ayurvedic and Pharmaceutical Sciencesdeademails
Interscience Open Access JournalsInternational Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technologyacceptedemails
Iranian Association of Endodontics & Iranian Center for Endodontics ResearchIranian Endodontic Journalrejectedemails
IRPNInternational Journal of Science and Technologyacceptedemails
Israel Medical AssociationIsrael Medical Association Journalrejectedemails
Ivy Union PublishingAmerican Journal of Cancer Therapy and Pharmacologyrejectedemails
Ivyspring International PublisherInternational Journal of Biological Sciencesrejectedemails
Japan Poultry Science AssociationAnnals of Cancer Research and Therapyrejectedemails
JK Welfare & Pharmascope FoundationInternational Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Journal of Advances in Drug ResearchJournal of Advances in Drug Researchdeademails
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical ResearchJournal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Researchacceptedemails
Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical SciencesJournal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciencesacceptedemails
Journal of Medical ResearchJournal of Medical Researchdeademails
Kairali Society of Oral & Maxillofacial PathologistsOral & Maxillofacial Pathology Journalrejectedemails
Kamla-Raj EnterprisesJournal of Life Sciencessubmission feeemails
Karger PublishersCase Reports in Oncologyrejectedemails
KEJA PublicationsInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Researchacceptedemails
Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, KeralaJournal of Tropical Agriculturerejectedemails
Kobe University School of Medicine, KobeKobe Journal of Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
Korean Association for the Study of The LiverClinical and Molecular Hepatologyrejectedemails
Korean Society of PhycologyAlgaerejectedemails
Krakow Polish Physiological SocietyJournal of Physiology and Pharmacologysubmission feeemails
Liaquat University of Medical and Health SciencesJournal of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciencesreviewemails
Libertas AcademicaCancer Growth and Metastasisrejectedemails
Lifescience GlobalJournal of Cancer Research Updatesacceptedemails
LifeSciFeed VenturesLife Sciences Feeddeademails
LIPhealththeHealthsubmission feeemails
Lippincott Williams & WilkinsAnti-Cancer Drugsrejectedemails
Macrothink InstituteJournal of Biology and Life Scienceacceptedemails
Malaysian Medical AssociationMedical Journal of Malaysiasubmission feeemails
MASAUM NetworkMASAUM Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciencesdeademails
Master Publishing GroupInternational Journal of Biomedical Scienceacceptedemails
Maxwell Scientific OrganizationAsian Journal of Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
MDPI AGCancersrejectedemails
MediPOEIA PublicationJournal of Current Pharmaceutical Researchdeademails
Medipoeia PublicationJournal of Applied Pharmaceutical Scienceacceptedemails
Medknow PublicationsJournal of Natural Pharmaceuticalsacceptedemails
MedSci PublicationsNational Journal of Community Medicinerejectedemails
Medwell OnlineResearch Journal of Pharmacologyacceptedemails
Mehta PressCurrent Chemical Researchdeademails
Modern Science PublishersJournal of Experimental and Applied Animal Sciencesrejectedemails
Modern Scientific PressInternational Journal of Modern Biology and Medicineacceptedemails
Narain Publishers Pvt. LtdWorld Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncologyacceptedemails
National Association for Medical ResearchNational Journal of Medical Researchrejectedemails
Nature Publishing GroupLaboratory Investigationrejectedemails
Nikolai Petrovsky PublishingImmunome Researchrejectedemails
North Carolina State UniversityBioResourcesrejectedemails
OMICS Publishing GroupMedicinal Chemistryacceptedemails
OmniScientiaJournal of Nephrology and Renal Transplantationacceptedemails
Online Research JournalsOnline Journal of Medicine and Medical Science Researchacceptedemails
Open Access Science Research PublisherInternational Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plantsacceptedemails
Open MedicineOpen Medicinerejectedemails
Open Science Co. LLCePlastysubmission feeemails
Oxford University PressCarcinogenesisrejectedemails
PAGEPress PublicationsDrugs and Therapy Studiesrejectedemails
Pakistan Agricultural Scientists ForumJournal of Animal and Plant Sciencesrejectedemails
Pakistan Botanical SocietyPakistan Journal of Botanyrejectedemails
PBS JournalsAsian Journal of Medical and Clinical Sciencesacceptedemails
Pelagia Research LibraryDer Pharmacia Sinicaacceptedemails
Pensoft PublishersPhytoKeysrejectedemails
People's groupPeople's Journal of Scientific Researchreviewemails
Pharma Science MonitorPharma Science Monitoracceptedemails
Pharmaceutical and Biological SocietyAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciencesacceptedemails
Pharmaceutical Research FoundationJournal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Researchacceptedemails
Pharmacie GlobaleInternational Journal of Comprehensive Pharmacyacceptedemails
Pharmacognosy Network WorldwidePharmacognosy Journalreviewemails
PharmaInfoJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Researchacceptedemails
PharmaInterScience PublishersInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciencesacceptedemails
PharmSciDirect PublicationsInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Researchreviewemails
PharmTech PublicationsJournal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technologyacceptedemails
Photon FoundationInternational Journal of Medicinal Plantsacceptedemails
Polish Academy of Sciences PublishingActa Biologica Cracoviensiareviewemails
Polish agricultural schools of higher educationElectronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universitiesreviewemails
Polish Botanical SocietyActa Societatis Botanicorum Poloniaerejectedemails
Polish Histochemical and Cytochemical SocietyFolia Histochemica et Cytobiologicarejectedemails
Pontificia Universidad Catalica de ValparaisoElectronic Journal of Biotechnologyrejectedemails
Portland Press LtdBiochemical Journalrejectedemails
Postgraduate Medical Institute, PeshawarJournal of Postgraduate Medical Instituterejectedemails
Power Control OptimizationGlobal Journal of Technology and Optimizationacceptedemails
Prague Development CenterMedical and Health Science Journaldeademails
Praise Worthy PrizeInternational Review of Biophysical Chemistryacceptedemails
Prime JournalsPrime Research on Medicinedeademails
Professional Medical PublicationsPakistan Journal of Medical Sciencesrejectedemails
ProquestSustainability: Science, Practice, & Policyrejectedemails
Public Library of Science (PLoS)PLoS ONErejectedemails
Radiance Research AcademyInternational Journal of Current Research and Review
Research and Reviewacceptedemails
Research PublisherJournal of Biochemical and Pharmacological Researchacceptedemails
Royal Society of Medicine PressJRSM Short Reportsrejectedemails
Rural Research Institute of Physiology & Applied NutritionJournal of Community Nutrition & Healthreviewemails
Sadguru PublicationsJournal of Current Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
SageJournal of International Medical Researchacceptedemails
SAVAP InternationalAcademic Research Internationalacceptedemails
Scholar Science JournalsInternational Journal of Biomedical Researchacceptedemails
ScholarJournalsCurrent Botanyrejectedemails
Scholarly Journals InternationalScholarly Journal of Medicineacceptedemails
Scholarly Research CenterAmerican Academic & Scholarly Research Journaldeademails
Sciedu PressJournal of Solid Tumorsrejectedemails
Science & Knowledge Publishing Corporation LimitedEuropean Journal of Biological and Life Sciencesacceptedemails
Science and Engineering Publishing CompanyAdvances in Chemical Scienceacceptedemails
Science Instinct PublicationsInternational Journal of Pharmacology & Toxicology Scienceacceptedemails
Science Journal PublicationScience Journal of Medicine and Clinical Trialsacceptedemails
Science Park JournalsJournal of Medicine and Radiologyacceptedemails
Science Record JournalsInternational Journal of Medical Discoverydeademails
Science TargetInternational Journal of Herbs and Medicinal Plantsacceptedemails
ScienceDomain InternationalBritish Journal of Pharmaceutical Researchrejectedemails
ScienceHuBAmerican Journal of Medical and Dental Sciencesacceptedemails
Scienpress LtdInternational Journal of Health Research and Innovationacceptedemails
Sciensage PublicationsJournal of Advanced Scientific Researchacceptedemails
Scientific & Academic PublishingInternational Journal of Cancer and Tumoracceptedemails
Scientific Journals InternationalJournal of Medical & Biological Sciencesreviewemails
Scientific JournalsJournal of Pharmaceuticalsacceptedemails
Scientific Research PlatformEuropean Journal of Scientific Researchacceptedemails
Scientific Research PublishingOpen Journal of Radiologyacceptedemails
SciTechnolJournal of Pharmacological & Biomedical Analysisdeademails
Segment JournalsBiological Segmentacceptedemails
SERSCInternational Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technologyacceptedemails
Shiraz University of Medical sciencesIranian Journal of Immunologyrejectedemails
Signpost e JournalsSignpost Open Access Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Silicon Valley PublishersInternational Journal of Applied Science and Technologyacceptedemails
Silicon Valley PublishersInternational Journal of Advances in Science and Technologyduplicateemails
Simplex Academic PublishersScienceJetrejectedemails
Singapore Medical AssociationSingapore Medical Journalsubmission feeemails
SJournalsScientific Journal of Medical Scienceacceptedemails
Society for Science and NatureInternational Journal of Advanced Biological Researchacceptedemails
Society for Scientific ResearchJournal of Ecobiotechnologydeademails
Society of Applied SciencesAsian Journal of Experimental Biological Sciencesacceptedemails
Society of EducationAdvances in Bioresearchacceptedemails
Society of Engineering Science and TechnologyInternational Journal Of Advances in Engineering Science and Technologyreviewemails
Society Of United Life Sciences, IndiaScholars Research Journalreviewemails
Sooraj PublicationsInternational Journal of Chemical Sciences and Researchacceptedemails
Southern Cross Publishing GroupPlant Knowledge Journalrejectedemails
Sphinx Knowledge HouseInternational Journal of PharmTech Researchacceptedemails
Swiss JournalsSwiss Journal of Medical Sciencereviewemails
TCH InternationalBiological and Biomedical Reportsdeademails
Technical Journals OnlineInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Studies and Researchdeademails
Termedia Publishing HouseArchives of Medical Sciencerejectedemails
Textroad JournalsJournal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciencesacceptedemails
Thammasat UniversityThammasat International Journal of Science and Technologyreviewemails
The Clute InstituteAmerican Journal of Health Sciencessubmission feeemails
The Faculty of Medicine, University of NisActa Facultatis Medicae Naisensisacceptedemails
The Korean Chemical SocietyBulletin of the Korean Chemical Societyrejectedemails
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)Environmental Health Perspectivesrejectedemails
The Ribeirao Preto foundation for Scientific Research (FUNPEC)Genetics and Molecular Researchacceptedemails
The Sims Institute Press LtdJournal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproductionacceptedemails
Therapeutic Solutions, LLCThe Journal of Applied Researchreviewemails
Trade Science, IncMedicinal Chemistrydeademails
Trans StellarInternational Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Transnational Research JournalsUniversal Journal of Medicine & Dentistrydeademails
Trendz PublicationsJournal of Innovative trends in Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Triveni EnterprisesJournal of Environmental Biologysubmission feeemails
Universal Research PublicationsCurrent Research in Medicine and Medical Sciencesreviewemails
Universidad Nacional de CuyoBiocell (Mendoza)reviewemails
University of Brawijaya, IndonesiaJournal of Agricultural Sciencedeademails
University of California, IrvineWestern Journal of Emergency Medicinerejectedemails
University of OtagoJournal of Health Informatics in Developing Countriesrejectedemails
University of Puerto RicoCaribbean Journal of Sciencerejectedemails
University of UludagJournal of Sports Science and Medicinerejectedemails
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, BrnoActa Veterinaria Brnorejectedemails
University of WashingtonRadiology Case Reportsrejectedemails
University Ss Kiril and MetodijMacedonian Journal of Medical Sciencesacceptedemails
Versita OpenNatural Products against Cancerrejectedemails
Veterinary SolutionsInternational Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicinedeademails
Victorquest PublicationsInternational Journal of Traditional and Herbal Medicineacceptedemails
WileyPhytotherapy Researchrejectedemails
Wilolud JournalsContinental Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciencesacceptedemails
Wireilla Scientific PublicationsInternational Journal of Advances in Biologyreviewemails
World Academic PublishingInternational Journal of Life Science and Medical Researchacceptedemails
World Academy of Research and PublicationInternational Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineeringacceptedemails
World Academy of Science, Engineering and TechnologyInternational Journal of Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Life Sciencesacceptedemails
World Science PublisherJournal of Scienceacceptedemails
World Scientific and Engineering Academy and SocietyWSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicineacceptedemails
Wudpecker Research JournalsWudpecker Journal of Medicinal Plantsacceptedemails
Xinnovem Publishing GroupBiomirroracceptedemails
Yonsei University College of MedicineYonsei Medical Journalrejectedemails