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Visualization and Quantification of Electrochemical and Mechanical Degradation in Li Ion Batteries

Martin Ebner, Federica Marone, Marco Stampanoni, Vanessa Wood

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Movie S1
Electrode cross-section parallel to current collector. Sequence of 74 unprocessed
tomograms show individual SnO particles in the electrode against low attuenuating
carbon black, binder, and electrolyte phase as they undergo core-shell lithiation,
volume expansion and fracture during reduction followed by volume contraction
during oxidation.
Movie S2
Evolution of particle fracture: cross-sections. Coronal (left) and transverse (right)
cross-sections through a particle during electrochemical reduction and oxidation
showing the growth of multiple cracks in parallel (001) planes leading to zig-zag
particle morphology.
Movie S3
Evolution of particle fracture: 3D rendering. Preferential crack initiation and growth
in the (001) planes leading to zig-zag morphology is shown for multiple particles.
Movie S4
Evolution of an electrode subvolume: 3D rendering. During reduction, particle volume
expansion leads to expansion of the entire electrode and particle fracture. During
oxidation, the particles contract, but the electrode is permanently distorted.