Supplementary Materials

First-Photon Imaging

Ahmed Kirmani, Dheera Venkatraman, Dongeek Shin, Andrea Cola├žo, Franco N. C. Wong, Jeffrey H. Shapiro, Vivek K. Goyal

Materials/Methods, Supporting Text, Tables, Figures, and/or References

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Revised 3 January 2014: The previous supplementary materials file had old versions of Figs. S2 to S5. This version contains the correct, final figures, corrects two typographical errors associated with the old figures, and provides the correct e-mail address for V.K.G.
The original version is still available here.

Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
Movie S1 provides a visualization of the three steps involved in the
computational reconstruction of reflectivity and 3D forms using first-photon
data. It also provides a visualization of first-photon imaging reconstructions
for three other datasets (sunflower, basketball and mug, and layered scene).
Movie S2
Movie S2 is a demonstration of the repeatability of our computational method.
It shows the data and the computational reconstruction of reflectivity and 3D
estimates (visualized as range maps) for 500 independent first-photon data
sets. At each pixel, the standard deviation of the 500 3D estimates is
computed and visualized as an image, confirming the 4 mm range resolution
achieved by the first-photon imager.