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Evolutionarily Dynamic Alternative Splicing of GPR56 Regulates Regional Cerebral Cortical Patterning

Byoung-Il Bae, Ian Tietjen, Kutay D. Atabay, Gilad D. Evrony, Matthew B. Johnson, Ebenezer Asare, Peter P. Wang, Ayako Y. Murayama, Kiho Im, Steven N. Lisgo, Lynne Overman, Nenad Šestan, Bernard S. Chang, A. James Barkovich, P. Ellen Grant, Meral Topçu, Jeffrey Politsky, Hideyuki Okano, Xianhua Piao, Christopher A. Walsh

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Movie S1
MRI of the entire brain of a control subject, from back to front.
Movie S2
MRI of the entire brain of an individual with perisylvian polymicrogyria, from back to front.