Supplementary Materials

Highly Crystalline Multimetallic Nanoframes with Three-Dimensional Electrocatalytic Surfaces

Chen Chen, Yijin Kang, Ziyang Huo, Zhongwei Zhu, Wenyu Huang, Huolin L. Xin, Joshua D. Snyder, Dongguo Li, Jeffrey A. Herron, Manos Mavrikakis, Miaofang Chi, Karren L. More, Yadong Li, Nenad M. Markovic, Gabor A. Somorjai, Peidong Yang, Vojislav R. Stamenkovic

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Movie S1
Rotation of a Pt3Ni nanoframe - 1
Movie S2
Rotation of a Pt3Ni nanoframe - 2

Revised 20 March 2014: References were renumbered to match those in the final
version of the main report.
The original version is still available here.