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The unresolved fine structure resolved: IRIS observations of the solar transition region

V. Hansteen, B. De Pontieu, M. Carlsson, J. Lemen, A. Title, P. Boerner, N. Hurlburt, T. D. Tarbell, J. P. Wuelser, T. M. D. Pereira, E. E. De Luca, L. Golub, S. McKillop, K. Reeves, S. Saar, P. Testa, H. Tian, C. Kankelborg, S. Jaeggli, L. Kleint, J. Martínez-Sykora

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Movie S1
Time evolution of UFS on the western solar limb constructed with slit jaw images taken in the Si IV 1400 Å filter on 9-Dec-2013. Emission far above the limb is slightly enhanced by scaling the images intensity to Iγ with γ=0.7. Note that while many UFS loops are short lived, nests of loops occur in which new loops appear to be formed continuously during the entire observation period.
Movie S2
As Movie S1, time evolution of UFS on the north west solar limb in the Si IV 1400 Å slit jaw filter on 22-Feb-2014. The intensity off the limb is enhanced by scaling the images intensity to Iγ with γ=0.7.
Movie S3
Time evolution of UFS on the western solar limb (same as in Movie S1) as observed with the Si IV 1400 Å slit jaw filter on 9-Dec-2013. In the lower panel this is compared with co-spatial and co-temporal AIA observations taken in the He II 304 Å filter in red, the Fe IX/X 171 Å filter in blue, and the Fe XII 193 Å filter in green.
Movie S4
UFS as seen in 'realistic' 3D simulations. The top panel shows the synthetic Si IV 1393 Å spectral line as computed from the electron density, temperature, and line of sight velocity from the simulation using CHIANTI (26) compiled atomic data. The middle panel shows the total intensity of the Si IV line, the dashed line indicating the location of the synthetic spectra shown in the top panel. The lower panel shows the Dopplergram of the Si IV line formed by subtracting signals in the blue wing of a spectral line from those in the red wing. Both wings are sampled in 10 km/s wide bands centered on 20 km/s. (See Movies S5 and S6 for a comparison with observations).
Movie S5
Si IV 1400 Å slit jaw movies (top panel) along with images formed by spectral scans near the solar north west limb from data taken on 22-Feb-2014. The slit jaw movie has a frame to frame cadence of ~18 s, the spectral scans a cadence of roughly 150 s. The intensities in a 10 km/s band centered 38 km/s towards the blue (second panel from the top) and the red (third panel) are subtracted to form a Dopplergram (fourth panel), and summed intensity (fifth panel). The intensity in the line center is shown in the bottom panel.
Movie S6
Same as in Movie S5, but showing blue and red wing intensities and Dopplergrams centered on 49 km/s.