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Complex evolutionary trajectories of sex chromosomes across bird taxa

Qi Zhou, Jilin Zhang, Doris Bachtrog, Na An, Quanfei Huang, Erich D. Jarvis, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Guojie Zhang

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Table S1
Genome sequencing and assembly statistics of the investigated species
Table S2
Comparison of Ostrich genome assemblies before and after optical mapping (OM)
Table S3
Statistics of W-linked scaffolds assembled for species shown in Figure 1
Table S4
Statistics of W-linked genes assembled in this study
Table S5
Distribution of 26 chicken W-linked genes in species of this study We use '+' and '-' to show presence and absence of assembled W-linked orthologs of 26 chicken W-linked genes in the species of this study.
Table S6
Ages and their confidence intervals of avian evolutionary strata
Table S7
Numbers of 'Z-amplicon' genes in three Neognathae genomes We used 'Z-amplicon' genes identified in the chicken genome (7) and searched for their orthologs in turkey and mallard genomes

Additional Data

Data file S1
Alignments generated for W and Z gametologs