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Ultrastable gold substrates for electron cryomicroscopy

Christopher J. Russo, Lori A. Passmore

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Movie S1
Reduced motion of gold substrates during high-energy electron irradiation Movies of am-C and gold supports (without ice) under typical cryo-EM illumination conditions (300 keV, 16 e2/s and 80K with a nominal defocus of –2 μm) where the support was tilted to 30°. The movies were collected on a Falcon II direct electron detector at 18 frames per second for 4 seconds. Upper panels show the entire 1.2 μm diameter holes during irradiation. Lower panels show a magnified view of the edge of each hole which is parallel to the tilt axis. The displacements of the edges of holes in the foil were tracked relative to their initial positions before electron irradiation, and used to measure the vertical displacement of the support (Fig. 2). Scale bars (white) correspond to 1200 Å (upper panels) and 120 Å (lower panels).