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The bubble-like interior of the core-collapse supernova remnant Cassiopeia A

Dan Milisavljevic, Robert A. Fesen

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Movie S1
3D Doppler reconstruction of Cassiopeia A. First shown are individual measurements of [S III] 906.9, 953.1 nm emission represented as spheres. The main shell is then shown using data from (12). Relevant features of the main shell that connect with the interior cavities are highlighted. A translucent sphere centered on the center of expansion is a visual aid to differentiate between front and back material. The individual measurements are then replaced with the surface reconstruction. The south cavity that connects with the “Parentheses” and north cavity that connects with the north, redshifted ring are highlighted, as well as the region of central emission where the two cavities intersect. Finally, the entire reconstruction is shown with the backdrop of an HST image (retrieved from representing the plane of the sky. Color gradient blue-to-red corresponds to Doppler velocities that range from -4000 to 6000 km s-1, and the central sphere in white is the center of expansion.