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Chemiexcitation of melanin derivatives induces DNA photoproducts long after UV exposure

Sanjay Premi, Silvia Wallisch, Camila M. Mano, Adam B. Weiner, Antonella Bacchiocchi, Kazumasa Wakamatsu, Etelvino J. H. Bechara, Ruth Halaban, Thierry Douki, Douglas E. Brash

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Movie S1
Abundant melanin granules (white) surrounding the nucleus of a melanin-containing murine melanocyte not exposed to UVA. 3D reconstruction from stack of optically sectioned DIC micrographs of unfixed C57BL/6 melanocytes (see Methods).
Movie S2
Melanocyte 1 hr after exposure to 200 kJ/m2 UVA, showing melanin granules dispersed within the nuclear volume.