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The protein LEM promotes CD8+ T cell immunity through effects on mitochondrial respiration

Isobel Okoye, Lihui Wang, Katharina Pallmer, Kirsten Richter, Takahuru Ichimura, Robert Haas, Josh Crouse, Onjee Choi, Dean Heathcote, Elena Lovo, Claudio Mauro, Reza Abdi, Annette Oxenius, Sophie Rutschmann, Philip G. Ashton-Rickardt

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Correction (9 October 2015): Fig. S12 has been replaced. For the preparation of figures, we cropped the original Western blots to generate the appropriate figure panels with the relevant lanes. Panels resulting from cropped Westerns were boxed in as per the instructions to authors and assembled in the final composite figures. In the process of generating the revised version of the paper, we mistakenly used the wrong Western blots to generate the cropped figure panels for Fig. S12B. For each experiment in the paper, Western blots were replicated, and on each Western we ran positive and negative controls. The oversight was due to large number of similar-looking Westerns that were used to produce the figure panels.
The original version is accessible here.