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Exceptionally low daily energy expenditure in the bamboo-eating giant panda

Yonggang Nie, John R. Speakman, Qi Wu, Chenglin Zhang, Yibo Hu, Maohua Xia, Li Yan, Catherine Hambly, Lu Wang, Wei Wei, Jinguo Zhang, Fuwen Wei

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Correction (22 October 2015): Two errors have been corrected in the "Doubly-labelled water" section of the Materials and Methods: (i) The dose rate of DLW was incorrectly stated. It should be 0.15 g/1 kg body mass. (ii) The wrong equation number was provided in a statement about converting isotope enrichments to values of daily energy expenditure. The correct equation number is equation 7.43 from reference 30.
The original version is accessible here.