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The developmental dynamics of marmoset monkey vocal production

D. Y. Takahashi, A. R. Fenley, Y. Teramoto, D. Z. Narayanan, J. I. Borjon, P. Holmes, A. A. Ghazanfar

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Audio S1
Audio S2
Audio S3
Audio S4
Audio S5
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Audio S7
Audio S8
Sound files corresponding to the spectrograms in Fig. 1A which illustrate the dramatic changes in vocal output of infant marmosets over the course of 2 months in the undirected (social isolation) context. Audio S1 to S4 correspond to the spectrograms for Infant 1 at P1, P13, P36, and P60, respectively. Audio S5 to S8 correspond to the spectrograms for Infant 2 at P1, P14, P33, and P59, respectively.

Additional Data

Supplementary Data
Data set used to plot the figures and calculate the statistics in the article.