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Ancient Ethiopian genome reveals extensive Eurasian admixture throughout the African continent

M. Gallego Llorente, E. R. Jones, A. Eriksson, V. Siska, K. W. Arthur, J. W. Arthur, M. C. Curtis, J. T. Stock, M. Coltorti, P. Pieruccini, S. Stretton, F. Brock, T. Higham, Y. Park, M. Hofreiter, D. G. Bradley, J. Bhak, R. Pinhasi, A. Manica

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Corrections (18 February 2016): (page numbers have been updated)

S9 (p. 13): Updated text on the proportion of West Eurasian admixture in African populations. Values have been updated, and it is clarified that the impact of the Western Eurasian backflow is mostly in East Africa.

S10 (p. 14): Add clarification that Mota is an unadmixed "East" African population (as there are other unadmixed modern African populations).

S10: Deleted paragraph referring to tables S6 and S7 (these tables showed the analysis tracking the origin of the Western Eurasian component in Yoruba and Mbuti; as there is no such component, it does not make sense looking for it).

S11 (pp. 16 and 17): The proportion of Neanderthal component computed using Mota is unchanged, but its interpretation has been updated to reflect the lack of a Western Eurasian component in Yoruba and Mbuti. Fig. S5 (p. 24): Updated PCA plot, no qualitative change.

Figs. S6 and S7 (pp. 25 and 26): Updated proportion of West Eurasian ancestry in Mota (the rest is unchanged)

Fig. S7 (p26): Updated estimations of West Eurasian ancestry in modern African populations using Mota.

Table S5 (p32): Updated estimations of West Eurasian ancestry in modern African populations.

Tables S6 and S7 (p33 and 34): These two tables were removed as they are no longer relevant.
The original version is accessible here.