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Identification and characterization of essential genes in the human genome

Tim Wang, Kıvanç Birsoy, Nicholas W. Hughes, Kevin M. Krupczak, Yorick Post, Jenny J. Wei, Eric S. Lander, David M. Sabatini

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Table S1
Annotations for the genome-wide sgRNA library containing spacer sequences and target gene information.
Table S2
Raw sgRNA counts from initial and final KBM7, K562, Raji, and Jiyoye cell populations.
Table S3
CRISPR scores (CS) and K-S test p-values adjusted for multiple hypotheses testing from screens in KBM7, K562, Raji, and Jiyoye cells. Values for KBM7 replicates are averaged.
Table S4
Gene-trap scores (GTS) from the gene-trap screen in KBM7 cells. Only genes with at least 65 or more anti-sense insertions were analyzed.