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Genomic islands of speciation separate cichlid ecomorphs in an East African crater lake

Milan Malinsky, Richard J. Challis, Alexandra M. Tyers, Stephan Schiffels, Yohey Terai, Benjamin P. Ngatunga, Eric A. Miska, Richard Durbin, Martin J. Genner, George F. Turner

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  • References (36–67)
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Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
Lake Massoko Astatotilapia ecomorphs. (A) Lake Massoko panorama. (B-E) Littoral and benthic males recorded in their natural habitats. Two different littoral males are shown at depths of ~1m and ~4m. Two different benthic males are shown at depths between 20-25m with light provided by a hand-held torch.
Movie S2
Mate-choice experiments. The video illustrates aspects of the experimental setup, including: (A) females passing through the 'partial partition' grid and (B) large males confined to their territories. (C-D) Examples of females being courted by benthic and littoral males during the trials.