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Prostaglandin E2 constrains systemic inflammation through an innate lymphoid cell–IL-22 axis

Rodger Duffin, Richard A. O’Connor, Siobhan Crittenden, Thorsten Forster, Cunjing Yu, Xiaozhong Zheng, Danielle Smyth, Calum T. Robb, Fiona Rossi, Christos Skouras, Shaohui Tang, James Richards, Antonella Pellicoro, Richard B. Weller, Richard M. Breyer, Damian J. Mole, John P. Iredale, Stephen M. Anderton, Shuh Narumiya, Rick M. Maizels, Peter Ghazal, Sarah E. Howie, Adriano G. Rossi, Chengcan Yao

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