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Population-level analysis of gut microbiome variation

Gwen Falony, Marie Joossens, Sara Vieira-Silva, Jun Wang, Youssef Darzi, Karoline Faust, Alexander Kurilshikov, Marc Jan Bonder, Mireia Valles-Colomer, Doris Vandeputte, Raul Y. Tito, Samuel Chaffron, Leen Rymenans, Chloë Verspecht, Lise De Sutter, Gipsi Lima-Mendez, Kevin D’hoe, Karl Jonckheere, Daniel Homola, Roberto Garcia, Ettje F. Tigchelaar, Linda Eeckhaudt, Jingyuan Fu, Liesbet Henckaerts, Alexandra Zhernakova, Cisca Wijmenga, Jeroen Raes

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S9
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  • References (38–57)
Table S1
Metadata variables collected for the individuals in the FGFP cohort.
Table S2
Core microbiota composition.
Table S3
Contributions of genera to community differentiation.
Table S4
Summary of the selection of non-collinear metadata variables.
Table S5
Overview of the 69 microbiome covariates identified in the FGFP cohort.
Table S6
Summary of significant correlations (FDR<10%) between the 69 covariates and genera abundances, or diversity estimates.
Table S7
Summary of optimal generalized linear model fitted on genus abundances.
Table S8
Summary of significantly interacting covariates.
Table S9
Summary of combined effect size of covariate categories.
Table S10
Overview of the 18 non-redundant FGFP microbiome covariates identified through stepwise RDA.
Table S11
Summary of multivariate association analysis between genera abundances and microbiome covariates (MaAsLin).
Table S12
Summary the Bristol stool score (BSS) association to microbiome composition.
Table S13
Potential confounder identification in the FGFP for genera-disease associations reported in the literature.
Table S14
FABIA biclustering on rarefied, centered, and scaled genera abundances and biclusters??? association to microbiome covariates.
Table S15
Summary of matched case-control analyses for medication.
Table S16
Power analyses using the FGFP data.
Table S17
Overview of the different blood analyses performed on the FGFP cohort.