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Structural basis for the gating mechanism of the type 2 ryanodine receptor RyR2

Wei Peng, Huaizong Shen, Jianping Wu, Wenting Guo, Xiaojing Pan, Ruiwu Wang, S. R. Wayne Chen, Nieng Yan

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Images, Video, and Other Media

Movie S1
Relative motion between the NTD and the Central Domain. The morph was generated using the cryo-EM structures of the closed and open pRyR2. The structure is domain-colored as in Figure 1B. To generate the morph, the two structures were superimposed in PyMol relative to the channel domain. The same was applied to Movies S2-4. Specific views are shown in each movie. In the side views, the luminal side is placed at the bottom.
Movie S2
Shifts of the Central domain, Helical domain, and Handle domain. There are minor rearrangements among these three domains.
Movie S3
Relative motion between the Central domain and two neighboring NTDs.
Movie S4
Rearrangement of the interactions between the CTDs and U-motifs and between the VSLCyt and the EF-hand motif from the neighboring protomers.