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Systematic mapping of functional enhancer-promoter connections with CRISPR interference

Charles P. Fulco, Mathias Munschauer, Rockwell Anyoha, Glen Munson, Sharon R. Grossman, Elizabeth M. Perez, Michael Kane, Brian Cleary, Eric S. Lander, Jesse M. Engreitz

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Table S1
Trait-associated polymorphisms in predicted MYC enhancers across cell types. Genetic variants linked to human traits overlap regulatory elements predicted to regulate MYC.
Table S2
CRISPRi sgRNA library sequences and screening data. Sequences, annotations, CRISPRi scores, and raw counts for sgRNA library.
Table S3
Sequences of primers, oligos, sgRNAs, siRNAs, and ddPCR probes. (A) Primer sequences for RT-qPCR, ChIP-qPCR, and ddPCR. (B) sgRNA sequences for single sgRNA CRISPRi, MYC tag knock-in, and enhancer deletion. (C) Catalog numbers (GE Dharmacon) for siRNAs for PVT1, MYC, and GATA1 knockdown. (D) Cloning and sequencing primers for pooled sgRNA library. (E) Primers for cloning enhancers for luciferase assays, generating the MYC-Tag cell line, and genotyping enhancer deletion clones. (F) ddPCR probes for measuring allele-specific expression of MYC and PVT1.